Momma on a Mission

“Here’s to strong women.  

May we know them.  

May we be them.  

May we raise them.”

We were glued to to this year’s Montane Spine Race, which is not only widely regarded as one of the UK’s toughest ultra marathons but the world’s.  What had us so intrigued this time?  Two words…Jasmin Paris.

Not only has she won it in a record time…she’s become the first woman to win it outright! reported, “Not only has Jasmin Paris come in comfortably ahead of the fastest man and currently second-placed overall, Spain’s Eugeni Roselló Solé, but doubly impressive is that she has been expressing for breast feeding at checkpoints along the way!  And she’s smashed the overall record for a winter Spine by around 12 hours”.

Can we get a resounding “WOW”.  If that doesn’t provide you with some much needed January inspo, we don’t know what will!

Check out this interview for some of Jasmin’s long distance psychology and training tips:

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