Upcoming Events

The pandemic thrust our lives into a virtual space, connecting with one another only through the lens of technology but we’ve been CRAVING human connection more than ever!

Finally, with a palpable sense of hope in the air, BEO is delighted to announce that plans are underway to return to the live event space, to start LIVING once again and connecting with one another in-person!

Autumn Schedule

With a softening of restrictions and the wheels now in motion for an exit strategy, we are delighted to share that we are in a position to increase capacity for our Autumn Events.

We continue to review, adapt and follow the latest guidance from Government.
We are working closely with all venues to ensure best practice is adopted and guidelines are adhered to.

Tickets for BEO Dublin on October 10th will be available from Thursday morning, September 16th at 9am.

Please click the link below to secure tickets for your preferred venue for what promises to be a very very special series as we finally get back to live events!