Upcoming Events

The pandemic thrust our lives into a virtual space, connecting with one another only through the lens of technology but we’ve been CRAVING human connection more than ever!

Finally, with a palpable sense of hope in the air, BEO is delighted to announce that plans are underway to return to the live event space, to start LIVING once again and connecting with one another in-person!

Autumn Schedule

We are ambitiously and tentatively looking forward to opportunities to have those social connections once more, to be more present and savour every moment of that unique shared experience. THIS is what lies at the heart of BEO, the Irish translation for life, living…to be ALIVE! Our live events are our happy place…who’s ready to start living again with us?!
Spaces are limited at each venue as we adhere to guidelines. We go on sale this Thursday, April 15th at 10am!