BEO Baby

“It’s long been said that motherhood doesn’t

come with a manual but we thought, why not?”

We welcome BEO Baby, a unique event that will focus on the first weeks and months after your new arrival.  While nothing can prepare you, we aim to educate and share with you how to adjust to your new day-to-day and how to address the inevitable changes.

Some of Ireland’s leading experts will join our day, to share their essential, trusted advice in a gentle, reassuring and practical manner. 

If you are a mama-to-be, a new mum or even a mum with smallies who is need of some “me-time” and sound advice then this is the event for you!

And of course it’s not just for the mammies! You might be a grandmother, sister, aunt or friend with a new arrival in your life…it takes a village right?!  All the details you need to know are below.


Baby Sleep with Lucy Wolfe, Sleep Therapist

Lucy Wolfe is a full time Sleep Consultant and mum of four young children.  As one of Ireland’s leading sleep experts, Lucy will share her top tips for your child’s sleeping habits.  Bedtime routines are the foundation of healthy sleep. Parents can begin the predictable sequence of events that happen at bedtime from around 6 weeks of age onwards and this process can be developed as your baby gets older.  Lucy places a a large emphasis on a structured bedtime routine and credits this routine as a solid foundation for healthy sleep.  We welcome Lucy to discuss the important factors that influence the success of your baby’s bedtime routine.


Baby Feeding with Siobhan Berry, “Mummy Cooks” Founder

Siobhan Berry founded Mummy Cooks as a cookery school to teach parents how to wean their babies.  Her philosophy is simple: Cook for family, adapt for baby.  Siobhan believes the path to raising a happy, healthy, and adventurous eater stems from introducing family meals from the start and creating a happy eating environment so your child feels comfortable and encouraged to try a variety of foods.  Siobhan will be our knowledgeable guide through your baby’s entire weaning process and beyond.  She will share her top tips on all aspects of feeding, including introducing foods, portioning, and preventing fussy eaters.  We hope that her direct and candid approach to feeding children will transform those feeling anxious into confident and excited parents who are ready to start the weaning journey, we look forward to welcoming her!


Baby Development with David Coleman, Child Psychologist

David Coleman is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and a Professor in the School of Psychology in UCD.  He specialises in working with children, teenagers and their families.  As parents, we make it our goal to do whatever we can to improve the lives of our children and at BEO we recognise that your child’s early development is critical.  We welcome David to discuss topics that are important in our child’s physical and cognitive development and to speak about a whole range of parenting and psychological topics.  He will translate the psychological theories into common sense advice and guidance that everyone can understand and relate to.


Baby Birth with Liz Canny & Helen Byrt, Founders of Belly Baby

Liz and Helen have many years of midwifery experience between them having worked in the UK, Australia and Ireland.

They firmly believe that having accurate knowledge will empower you in making decisions in partnership with your midwife who is a key caregiver during your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting.  As mothers themselves they understand the joys, jitters and jubilation’s of mothering!

Their combined knowledge and expertise will prepare expectant mothers for labour and birth, focusing on the importance of prepping your mind and body so you feel in control and also taking care of practical matters when things may not go your way.

We all cope with situations differently and there is no wrong or right way to go about recovering from your birth experience, but there are some strategies that may be helpful to assist you to recover at this time.  We are delighted to welcome Liz and Helen to guide this element of our day.


The final part of our day will be led by our very own Aoibhín Garrihy.  A dynamic panel discussion which will see three inspirational ladies join Aoibhín on the couch to share real advice for new mothers from three unique, informed perspectives. Topics will range from newborn behaviours, self-care for mum, where and when to get support, returning to the workplace and much more.  We welcome Ollwyn, Niamh and Emma to the BEO couch!

Neurological developmental therapist, entrepreneur and mother of two Ollwyn Moran left her full-time job as a secondary school teacher to focus on growing her own business, Cognikids, an innovative range of children’s nursery products, that support the natural stages of a baby’s development.  With over 20 years in Education and Brain Development we welcome Ollwyn will share her top tips and guidelines for parents.

Niamh is the chief storyteller of The Irish Fairy Door Company, an Irish business that helps fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high-quality Irish fairy doors.  Their aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic in the home.  Niamh has been working with children for the past twenty years.  She is a qualified Montessori teacher and also has a background teaching music to young children.  Encouraging children to use their imagination is something that Niamh is very passionate about.  We are delighted to welcome her to the BEO stage.

Emma describes her inspiring instablog as ‘exploring the journey of motherhood through art’.  Her refreshingly honest take on motherhood as depicted in her artwork is truly remarkable and just like her drawings, her own views of motherhood do not come sugar coated!  Parenting is no easy feat.  The gap between what we imagine parenting to be and what parenting actually is can be huge.  Huge, and disconcerting.  Emma is a breath of fresh air as she continually shares her own experiences to include fluctuating moods, raging hormonal rollercoasters and hairy legs!  We welcome Emma to share with us the highs and the lows of her journey to motherhood, the daily struggles and her passion to advocate for women’s maternal mental health.

What You Need To Know

BEO Baby which takes place at the Galmont Hotel, Galway on November 3rd 2019 will begin at 11am and conclude at 5pm.

Tickets are priced at €99 per person inclusive of booking fee.

Your ticket includes breakfast bites on arrival, brunch in the afternoon, a Goodie Bag and our BEO Welcome Pack.

There are also lots of spot prizes throughout the day.
If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance please get in touch at
Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 30th at 9am on our website.

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