My Top Tips for a Balanced Lifestyle by ANU WELLNESS

“Healthy¬†isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living.”

Nutritional Therapist, Claire Grady and owner of ANU Wellness has shared her top 5 tips for a balanced lifestyle with us.

1. Fuel your Body!

I know you’re busy but aim to have BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER every day. Your body likes routine and works better for you when you eat at regular mealtimes.

2. Eat a rainbow!

Get creative and include as much COLOUR and VARIETY of fruits and vegetables at each of your meals. Aim to include all 7 colours of the phytonutrient spectrum daily.

3. Hydration is key!

Aim for 1.5litres of non-caffeinated drinks daily. Choose Water, Herbal Teas, Homemade Smoothies, Coconut Water and Vegetables Juices

4. Eating is a form of Self Care

Look at the food you eat as an opportunity to nourish, energise and fuel your body. Show yourself lots of love by choosing life giving fresh, whole foods and organic where possible.

5. Listen to your body

Bring you awareness to the food choices that energise you, uplift you and raise your vibration. Are there any foods that slow you down or make you feel sluggish? Eat more of what makes you feel good and less of what slows you down.

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